If you would like to contact me ,please just ring Or send an email explaining what you would like for your Stay.  

You are the only one being looked after when your visit, unless you bring your partner or friend for a joint visit . So please don't think your sharing house with other people .

Just let me know if you have any health issues .P.T.S.D or anything you feel we may need to know to make your stay better for you.

Your stay starts when you enter nursery , so when you arrive you can have a hot or cold drink before your visit .

All your food is home made . Yes even your baby food .

You can bring your house trained assistants dog when you book ( yes they can stay were you are). Please have their food with you and water bowl when you visit . Please just let me know when you book.  your dog can travel in our car for trips or if we pick you up . Just let me know when booking.

Contact detail

My email address 


My mobile number is  


 Please note withheld Private numbers are not answered 

You can make contact by messaging me  or email  for further detail  .

Whatsapp also available . You can Contact me from  Overseas through that 

Please call to enquire anytime from 9 in morning to 9 in the Evening . If i am busy Daddy Derek may answer  .When you do ring please give time for phone to be picked up,as I may be looking after someone staying . Please note After 9.30 in evening my mobile will be turned off.

Please be polite when calling or

 texting  Mummy or Daddy . Sorry i do not have voice mail and do not do ring backs to anyone nor do I keep any personnel details.

When emailing/texting It can take day or 2 for a reply. But we answer as quickly as possible  .

                  thank you

                Mummy Maxine& Daddy Derek


When we have received your booking deposit  then  address will be sent to you . I can hold your booking for a few days ,but your booking is only confirmed when I have received your deposit . Then please bring Rest of payment in Cash to be paid  on arrival for your visit.

 Deposit is non refundable 

If you have arranged home or hotel collection, we will Need your full pick up address .