Master Raven Preparing you for your Punishment

The Cage 's waiting for you ...

Services & fetish Vacations

Master Awaits .Please Be Warned I can have a Very Dark Side !

Cage for those  I Feel Need further Punishment


Sometimes Master Raven Looks after very Bad Babies  . He Likes them All Pretty First , so Mistress M or Master Raven does their Make up and girly clothes .


We are planning Fetish Vacation in 2019 in New York  in New Jersey . We will Be offering our full range of services . Master Raven can see you on your own or with your partner or Friend .


We are planning to be in florida in 2019 . We will be offering our full range of Services .



Let me introduce Myself . 

I am Master Raven and have had a lot of experience in this area .manly to the adult baby side but have found a distinct liking for  punishment and humilation,

I am 5'8 and non smoker ,medium build and Like both men and women . 

i can be very severe  to mild .I can help  your fantasies  come true , trained or untrained i will help with your journey.


Master Raven is looking for  Born Female Sub/Adult Baby Girl

Who is will to give 100 % to Master for two 24 hour sessions a year . 

I will train you if needed. So it's not a problem if your untrained. I'm not looking for A Princess . You just must Bend to Master will . You must be over 21 years old to do this . Please no time wasters.

Services I offer are

Nappy Punishment

bondage mild to severe

Water Sports 

Anal play/adult toys

extreme Spankings/caning,

Cage coming Very Soon 

 I Have a thick Leather Strap for severe training or feather duster for the milder   punishments,

 discuss your limit before stay,safe words are always used unless disclaimer is signed,your choice,

Master has a very dark side So be  warned !

Ruined Orgasm/Denied Orgasm


Foot Worship

Tie and Tease 

Black nappies now available for punishment .

 If you want something that i have not listed ,please just ask.

Master  Raven will now have Items of His Used underwear , Socks ,Sweat socked T-shirts for Sale  .

A range of Photos of Master Raven will also be on sale soon .

Other Items of clothing are also available , please just ask.

Abduction fantasy

In house Abduction fantasy play now available .

Body Wrapping in Bandages or Cling Film now available . This can be combined in any fantasy you want . Or it can be done on it's own . Just ask for detail .


Nappies or Doctor play can be part of you Punishment.

I can wet/fill them then put nappy on you . 

Doctor can also be in you visit .

Or just put your head in the Toilet box  then wait......

RIDING CROPS, PADDLES, SLIPPER ,Dressing you up pretty first !

I have a Range of impliments that i can use on you . I have many different restraints,ball gags,ropes .

I can Dress you in pretty clothes for your visit .i have range of Stockings and underwear available .


I am now offering Half  hour sessions . These must be paid for in advance.

Price     £30  for 30 minute  session 

My prices are £50 per hour .

£100 per hour for Mistress & Master together .

Hour Package £150 

That includes Mistress M aswell as Myself looking after you wants and needs, Intimate private show .


what ever you want will be included in standard hourly rate .

All visits are booked with non returnable deposit .then remaing amount in cash on arrival .

If you want longer visit or to join it to a nursery stay ,please enquire when booking for those rates 

My mobile 07470 713093 

please call  ,text or whatsapp  me for detail

please note withheld numbers are not answered

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Waiting for Master Raven !