Mistress M

Master & Mistress

Severe Domination/Abduction/Body Wrapping

 Severe Domination Available now .

Restraints , Humilation .

  Segifix now available .

Denied Orgasm/ full Orgasm

Foot Worship

Electric play  coming soon

 We are now offering in House Abduction fantasy. Sissy Submissive also now Available .He can be dressed in Stockings/Nappy or you can change his nappy .

Please just ask for what you want

Punishment including Spanking, caning ,Whipping , C & B . Watersports available .

You can be Forced to eat Pet food.

Now available body wrapping in Bandages . 

If you do not see what you would like please ask .

Diaper punishment available  .   We see both male & female . We now offer in House Abduction . So if it's your fantasy to be forced to do something or have something done to you ..

ST Andrews Cross coming soon...................

Your fantasy could be that you are  found in nursery then tied up by person that enters your room against your will .

Or you don't have to have nappies involved at all 

You just be as friend having coffee then  to be tied ......

You can be dressed in Sissy clothes then handed over to Master Raven .


This Service is available to both men or women . Please be aware that  Disclaimer form has to be signed for some fantasy /Role plays .

Remember it's your visit so just ask .....

The Cage



New  for Mistress M & Master Raven's Pleasure and your discomfort !

You Can Watch Mistress M Be Taken by Master  Raven .



For receiving Mistress's Cane, Paddle  or anything else she want to do to you !



Your Legs will be Spread for your Punishment .



 Let me introduce Myself . 

I am Master Raven and have had a lot of experience in this area .manly to the adult baby side but have found a distinct liking for  punishment and humilation,

I am 5'8 and non smoker ,medium build and Like both men and women . 

I can be very Severe  to Mild .I can help  your fantasies  come true , trained or untrained i will help with your journey. 

Black nappies now available for punishment .

If you want something that i have not listed ,please just ask.


In house Abduction fantasy play now available .

Body Wrapping in Bandages or Cling Film now available . This can be combined in any fantasy you want . Or it can be done on it's own . Just ask for detail .



Master Raven is looking for  Born Female Sub/Adult Baby Girl

Who is willing to give 100 % to Daddy/Master for 3/ 4 Free  sessions a year . 

I will train you if needed. So it's not a problem if your untrained. 

I'm not looking for A Princess .

You are a Princess when Master tells you you are . . You just Must Bend to Master Reaven's  will . 

You must be over 21 years old to do this . Please no time wasters..


Services I offer are

Nappy Punishment

bondage mild to severe

Water Sports 

Anal play/adult toys

extreme Spankings.

Cage Now Ready 

I Have a thick Leather Strap for severe training or feather duster for the milder   punishments,

discuss your limit before stay,safe words are always used unless disclaimer is signed,your choice,

Master has a very dark side So be  warned !

Ruined Orgasm/Denied Orgasm


Anul play /Adult toys

Foot Worship

Tie and Tease 

Black nappies now available for punishment .

If you want something that i have not listed ,please just ask.