Phone Calls & vitual visits

Mobile Phone calls

You can have a call to Mummy, Daddy or Both of Us. 

You Choose story line .      First a time and date for your call is arranged then payment is sent .   

You hear or see  Baby boy be put in nappy then sent to naughty  Corner . He possibly have spanked bottom . 

bedtime story can be read to you from our Nursery . Or told your Naughty so spanked bottom for you .

dress in girl or boy clothes .

Verbal  Humiliation by phone ( voice call or video ) also available .

These can be made on Whatsapp

Video calls

You can video call to. Just book time and date . 

You can be taken round Nursery then shown Cot ,toys , clothes.

See Nappies on shelf and laid out for you to see. 

Watch My Baby Boy have his Nappy 

 changed on changing table,then given bottle or spanked . Or you can speak to Daddy. Watch him Flex his muscles . you can have joint call with both of us if you want .Mistress M and Master Raven will take your Calls to .

Please let me know when booking your call . The chose is yours. .And many more Ideas ......

Please just contact for detail .

Prices for calls

£15 for 15 minutes phone call 

 Block Book 4 phone calls get one Free 

£25 for 20 minutes video call.

Block Book  4 videos calls get one Free.

5 videos calls for £100

Mummy's used underwear  including panties (cotton /Lace or satin/silk), thong ,Skimpy ,midi or Full  knickers. stockings,tights ,or socks. Other Items are available for sale . 

Mummy  and Daddy will have a Range of photos for Sale soon. Prices start £5 

Please ask for price when enquiring as it depends what you would like to be  sent to you .

My email address


 number 07913 638946

About Us

Have story read to you

Let Daddy lay you down to sleep in our Lovely Cot

Listen whilst Mummy puts her Sissy Baby Girl in fresh nappy

Tributes for Mummy and Daddy

Mummy's Tribute list

My Sissies , Baby Boys and baby Girls or My submissives May send me any item they want to from my list.


Cotton shirt

Leather Boots 



Week's holiday

Villa holiday 

Or  Money Tribute

Daddy's Tribute list



Submissive  for play


Or money Tribute.