Our Prices


Mummy waiting for her baby to arrive

I have beautiful Soft Cot for you to take little nap or snuggle for  longer  :)

Play on soft carpet or put you head on soft lambs fleece when Listening to story .

We have had A cancellation for dates 6th to 13th February 2019



We have Cornish Country Cottage ABDL holiday booked for 25th May to 2nd of June .

It has a Hot Tub & Sauna .

We have 2 spaces left . it's £100 per day .

price includes nappies and changes and outfits will be available  ,all food and drink eaten in Cottage .


We will be staying in very pretty area . 

Please contact me for detail . Your place has to be booked with deposit .


Dippy & teddies wants to play

We have lots of soft fluffy toys for you to hold & Cuddle . More toys coming soon  . 

You can help Mummy Bake cookies or Cupcakes .

Or let your little artist out  & Make a picture .

WE can play as much as you Want

Our email  address maxineventham1985@gmail.com



1 Hour visit                         £50

6 hour visit (this does not include messy nappy change)                       £240

12 Hour visit                       £300 

24 Hour visit                       £ 400 

48 hour / 2 day                    £650

(You can have Both Mummy & Daddy to look after you when you stay included if you want on longer visits )

Bed & Breakfast                   £75

That includes Nappy ,overnight in cot  & nappy . 

If your  having visit next day price  £50

Mummy & Daddy's used underwear.

You can also buy Used panties,socks ,underpants worn by Mummy and Daddy's  whilst here or you can buy buy contacting us ,making payment then we send them to you .

Please ask for details about these . Prices start at £5 per Item .                                                                                   

extra carer will be £25 to £200 on top of basic  charge ,depending on length  of your of visit

 £25 Price for extra carer

 (please enquire when booking longer stays )

 £50  per hour   Mistress Or Master 

£100                    Both together 

£40   per hour Sissy Submissive

£100        Mistress & Master Show

£300        For 5 hour visit Domination /Humilation experience

That can include Mistress & Master Show.  Verbal or Physical humiliation .

That can be from one or both of us .

This can be extreme .

                  Text / Email service

£15               for             3 text instuctions / stories per week

£ 10               per               email

 story / instuctions        

Voice Call £15 for 15 minutes        

  £25 for 20 minute video call 

Or 30 minute phone call  for £35  for Longer storyline.

 on whatsapp

this can be booked with Mummy/Mistress or Daddy/Master.

We can also do joint phone calls to .  

You can have Bed Time Read to you with Teddies & Snuggle blanket . 

Or you can see baby boy have nappy change /given enema then changed .

Mummy Spank/paddle /cane  Naughty Baby . 

Mistress or Master getting ready to receive  Bad Sub for Punishment .

You can have your your own Story.

All prices include nappy changes and Mummy or Daddy to look after you .

All food & drink baby or adult depending on your likes is included in price . So to are your bottles feeds , nappy and  nappy changes ,clothes .  Also included Mummy or Daddy looking after you. So come an play .

Light spanking included .

Sissy Submissive Male Now available for Adult play . 

 More severe punishment available .


All appointments book with non returnable 50% deposit . 

Then remaining amount in cash on arrival



We are now offering relationship Advice .


We are not trained professionals ,just have years of experience in Life's challenges . 

Please contact us for details .