Our Prices


Vintage Full Length Cotton Night Dress Laid On Cot waiting for Little Girl to Wear to bed i byes :)

I have beautiful Soft Cot for you to take little nap or snuggle for  longer  :)

Play on soft carpet or put you head on soft Blankets when Listening to a story .



We are having  Cornish Country Cottage ABDL/Fetish holiday from 9th to 23rd May 2020

It has a Hot Tub & Sauna . it's £150 per day . £800 for full week . If  you would like extra services please enquire when booking.

(you can book a fantasy/role play for additional price.)

price includes nappies and changes and outfits will be available  ,all food and drink eaten in Cottage .


We will be staying in very pretty area . 

Please contact me for detail . Your place has to be booked with 50%  non refundable deposit . 


Dippy & teddies wants to play

We have lots of soft fluffy toys for you to hold & Cuddle . More toys coming soon  . 

You can help Mummy or Daddy make & Bake cookies or Cupcakes .

Or let your little artist out  & Make a picture .

WE can play as much as you Want

Our email  address maxineventham1985@gmail.com



Shortest visit available is a 2 Hour visit    

12 Hour Overnight visit Would  be  £325 

12 Hour Day visit would be         £375

24 Hour visit                       £ 500 

48 hour / 2 day                    £800

(You can have Both Mummy & Daddy to look after you when you stay included if you want on longer visits . Please contact for price )

Bed & Breakfast

That includes Nappy ,overnight in cot  & nappy .  Then you can   have your visit the next day  price  £50                                                  

extra carer will be £25 to £200 on top of basic  charge ,depending on length  of your of visit

 (please enquire when booking longer stays )

 £50  per hour   Mistress Or Master 

£100                    Both together 

£50   per hour Sissy Submissive

£100        Mistress & Master Show


We are now offering  a new service. 

please just contact for detail of what you would like .

Also available Verbal or Physical humiliation .

This can be extreme .

This does not include both of of us to look after you for full duration of you visit.

That price would be £350 .

                  Text / Email service

£10   per email /text instuction / story

£ 10               per               email

4 mails for £30 when block booked.

 story / instuctions        

Voice Call £15 for 15 minutes        

  £25 for 20 minute video call 

Or 30 minute phone call  for £35  for Longer storyline/video call.

  you can also contact me on whatsapp

These can be booked with Mummy/Mistress or Daddy/Master.

We can also do joint phone calls to .  

Please contact for price for this.

You can have Bed Time Read to you with Teddies & Snuggle blanket . 

Or you can see baby boy have nappy change /given enema then changed .

Mummy Spank/paddle /cane  Naughty Baby . 

Mistress or Master getting ready to receive  Bad Sub for Punishment .

You can have your your own Story.

All prices include nappy changes and Mummy or Daddy to look after you .

All food & drink baby or adult depending on your likes is included in price . So to are your bottles feeds , nappy and  nappy changes ,clothes .  Also included Mummy or Daddy looking after you. So come an play .

Light spanking included .

 More severe punishment available .


All appointments book with non returnable 50% deposit . 

Then remaining amount in cash on arrival.

If you cancel your visit/stay 48 hours before you date and you have paid in full you will possibly lose your whole payment if i can not rebook space.


That includes E-cigs

Florida Holiday


We are planning Florida Villa Holiday for November 2020 more detail soon ........