Your stay


A little Angel for you to play with. Mummy or Daddy will put you in a nice clean nappy,then outfit or dress .


We now have a Beautiful Cosy wood burning fire in our Living Room .

So baby can lay by the fire on a play mat.

Christmas tree going up first week in December.


You can book your Birthday party in the Nursery.

Mummy will make your cake .

Just let me know what theme of party you would like ,

Please ask for detail & Price


Segufix Restraints 

We now have complete set from head to ankles .

Lockable pants just arrived !


We have booked a large  Campsite for exclusive use !!!!!


On our ABDL/FETISH Cornwall holiday.

Please just ask for details . We only have one place left on last week .

Your Visit


You can be baby girl or baby boy .

We look after Male ,Female ,Couples or small groups .

(please let us know when booking as there is special price for this )

We have frilly panties , dresses , tights and little socks . We look after male and female clients . You can visit as a couple or with a friend . You can be any age from 18 years old to  infinity 

 Bibs for baby when it's meal time . We have  disposables in prints or Plain , small to xxl .

Or you can have Terry toweling Nappies ,then have Plastic pants over the top . You can Be good or Naughty . You can have a Birthday party including cake , drinks , pinata,games. You can play any age you want ,even teenage if you want . How naughty is up to you !

We offer Body Shaving and Pubic  hair colouring . 

Electric Play just arrived. You can be secured in Cage under Cot if very Naughty .?

Segifix  now available .

 Your Fantasy possibly involve  Teddy Bear Fleece Or you  have a thing for vintage Fur as I have some  available .   

Now Available 

full lockable top for the Cot.

Alternatively you don't have to have nappies involved at all in your visit.

We offer one to one service  unless you want to bring a partner or friend  for joint visit. If you have a particular fantasy or Role that you would like to do ,just ask  .

We can accomadate a large rage of fantasies/role play .

The Nursery is in a private family home and you will be only person looked after .

 You can  bring a partner  or friend to have a joint visit if you want . 

Second person would pay £25 to £200 depending on length of stay. 

Please let me know if you have any medical issuses ,special wants or needs. 

You can let your inner child out to play in a safe place . what ever play you want to do .  We have disposables or terry toweling Nappies for your stay.

Sloshys now available (food or thick liquid in your nappies)

We change wet or messy nappies . All your  wet nappy changes ( messy changes £25 for you visit . Also food ,drink, 

You can also Let you inner Lady free as i can do your Make up & Nails .

We have range of Underwear & outfits for you to wear . Also available wigs in many colours, styles & lengths . I have range of Nail varnish in lots of colours . We offer Body Shaving & Pubic hair Colouring .

Included in Price Mummy or Daddy  looking after you for your Visit . 

We are Non binary and trans aware .

We have been known as Mummy Maxine & Daddy Derek  for many years.We are also known as Mistress M & Master Raven . So have lot  of experience in looking after adult babies and also other fetish /fantasy play . It's your stay for your desires,if there is something that you would like please ask as we will not be shocked,we also look after ABDLS ,littlies ,Sissies & School girls /boys , punishment  and humilation .

This is available to women or men.

Electric Play now Available

You can come with your friend /playmate or partner. If you would like to come with group of friends please ask for detail and price 

We also do master and mistress or Private personal Shows . You can watch us together.. We can Role Play for you . Please just ask for  what you would like.

I have Acquired Victorian Style Fully Cotton Night Dresses.

They are Full Length in White with detail on Shoulders.


 We do Slave Training . 

You do not have to any Experience in BDSM or Submissive training.

We can Guide you in this.

We have full Dungon coming in Summer. 

We are now offering Video Calls , separately or both together.

You can be told off or given tasks to do?

told how to dress ?

 You can have Bedtime Story Read to you by phone with Teddies & snuggle Blanket . Or you can have your own storyline.

The chose is yours . . Just Let Me know. 

We are waiting  to Welcome you 

Polite contact always replied to   mobile 07913638946

we do not answer unknown/withheld numbers .

Please always arrive and leave discretely.

 Please email address


That's Mummy & Daddy 


 Daddy or is it Master  !!


he loves his Teddy 

Role play


We also offer Doctor & Nurse fantasy Role Play .  This can be for your whole visit or incorporated in to you stay . 

We look after both men and women.

We can see two people together for a couples or friends visit .

You can have kind caring  Nurse & Doctor or Nasty Doctor & Nurse for your Visit  . We do your visit your Way . You can be sectioned in hospital role play.

We Also Offer body wrapping with bandages or Cling Film wrap . This can be combined in Any fantasy play you want . Or just have it on is own.  

Or !!!!!

More extreme fantasy can done . If you would like a visit not using any safe words that must be agreed before your visit starts. Please Just contact for detail.